My Story

A letter of introduction

I am a proud graduate of the University of Georgia school of pharmacy and practicing community pharmacist for 26 years. From, an early age I decided what I wanted as a career and I never wavered from that decision. I think the attraction was helping others in a rewarding way. My career has been rewarding and challenging at the same time. The joke at our house is that I should write a book. The things that I have seen and heard. I will definitely post an article on my most comic moments in retail pharmacy at a later date. The role of a community or retail pharmacist has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Today we are so much more than prescriptions. We give immunizations and perform various tests such as antibody testing and cholesterol screening. The addition of clinical services we now perform has diminished our role in a way as far as the one-on-one relationship I was accustomed to having with my patients. Now don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed giving hundreds of Covid vaccines in the past four months but I have missed being available to my prescription patients. There are so many demands in our time now that patient care is less personal. This is the primary reason that I have created this blog. I would like to use it as a forum to unpack and discuss current drug topics. I hope you find my articles helpful to your life and health.

In Your Rx Corner,

A.S. Rowe